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Every family and area have their own culture and tradition that makes weddings so unique.


                                                                                                         Gujarati Wedding 

The primary ceremony is called Mandap Muhurat.  This is a typical Hindu ceremony held at both the bride and groom’s place.  A small puja with a priest is held.  The family takes blessings from the bride and groom. Normally this ceremony takes place a few days prior to the wedding.



                                                                         Maharashtrian Wedding 


This wedding is the most simple and opulent wedding.  It's done in three basic steps:  Pre-Wedding Ritual (Sakhar Puda Ceremony), Haldi Ceremony where Haldi and kumkum are applied to the bride and groom, and the final ceremony are followed by Grah Pravesh.


                                                                             Pakistani Wedding                          

Also called Nikaah.  At this wedding, the main events are Mehndi and the day of the wedding.  The bride is freed from household chores 21 days prior to the wedding in order to relax and prepare herself.  


                                                                                Punjabi Wedding

Sagan is the primary ceremony which takes place at the groom’s house.  Havan is performed to mark the beginning of the wedding festivities.  The bride’s family offers sweets and savories to the groom’s family and guests.


                                                                   Rajasthani / Marwari Wedding

Toran ceremony is the main event in which the groom hits the decoration on the mandap.  This ceremony symbolizes the warding of the evil.



                                                                                Sikh Wedding

It's a simple wedding which is held at the Gurudwara.  The ceremony is called Anand Karaj (Blissful Union of two families).  After the path the wedding festivities start.



                                                                               Sindhi Wedding

Santh - Seven married women put oil on the girl’s head.  This ceremony the night before the wedding day.  The bride is asked to break the lid of the earthen pot in one go.  If she succeeds it is considered to be very auspicious.

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